top 5 canucks go

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1. Bieksa. that asshole. stole my heart.
2. MOTHER FUCKING TANEV. YEAH. HE’S LITERALLY ALMOST FIRST. I just fucking idk man he’s just flawless I can’t
3. omfg can I just list all the other ones here. ahhhfuck Manny literally when I think of the Canucks I think of Manny he literally embodies this organization
4. You know what fuckin Jordan Schroeder he barely counts but yes I’ve been so impressed with him the season and I’d been wanting him to make his debut and i’m just really proud of the way he’s played.
5. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu fucking obviously christ

literally I cannot express how difficult it is because I also feel like Hammer Mase Sedins Burr need to be on there but fwknjdviken

  1. crrosby said: i literally feel your struggle when i read this LOL
  2. ilivelaughlovedrink said: Aw I’m glad Lu is on here! Do canucks fans (other than you) really hate him as much as the media makes it look like?
  3. timllincecum said: haa haha haa im suprised u were able to do it tbh
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