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2-0 boston? ugh, fuck


at least the wings limp on the correct leg

is there anything more satisfying then when someone you hate does something stupid

mase listening to carlyle giving a “speech,” probably

mase listening to carlyle giving a “speech,” probably

Nyquist score for the love of god


the ref puts the whistle between his lips but doesn’t blow it

it’s a metaphor


 NHL Nail Art: round one predictions


 NHL Nail Art: round one predictions

I tweeted how i’m accidentally not wearing pants with my jersey and some boy I don’t know just casually told me how attractive he finds it when girls wear jerseys without pants oh

I imagine that anytime someone on the ice is chirping Carey Price he’s saying “I’m still your mom’s favourite player” to every single one of them

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BOOKS! what's on your list?! share please :p

okay so I’m currently reading warm bodies and its really good and I just ordered a few books off amazon that I’m excited about: Me Since You by Laura Wiess (every book by Laura Weiss is incredible I would recommend all of them) my life next door by Huntley Fitzpatrick which I’ve heard really good things about. For recommendations I would say if you have time the Game Of Thrones series is seriously unreal. If that’s not your thing, David Levithan has some really cute books I consider him the more eccentric John Green he writes really charming love stories Boy Meets Boy is cute so is Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares !!

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idk sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't obsess over Jamie Benn?? I don't really get it??? but anyways how was your day chan? tell me about it :) -h

good day! Its earth day so me and some coworkers went for a hike and then me and my bestie are probs gonna hit up the movies later so good day



In every situation stop and ask yourself wwpkd
what would Patrick Kane do

and then do the opposite


I’m shaking, the quality is fucking bad because I filmed it with my ipad and it’s in french, but seriously, watch this.



but does jordie benn get the love he deserves

apparently not this didn’t get one note