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Chan, I have so many things I'm supposed to do and I can't get any of them done, but how am I supposed to explain that when my only excuse is that I'm using literally all my time and energy keeping myself from doing something really rash and really stupid? I'm nearly at the point of driving myself to the nearest emergency department and checking myself in. I'm so scared.

first thing: if you have someone to talk to then talk to them. second thing: take deep breaths and listen to some calming music. third thing: write down all the stuff you have to do and break it down into easy managable steps. fourth thing: once you feel you can tackle a project, start with the little steps. don’t get overwhelmed by all the stuff you have to do. fifth thing: if you’re really really really having issues find someone to talk to (anyone) they have an online chat on which I’ve found super helpful

Henrik Zetterberg shows the fans some love

Henrik Zetterberg shows the fans some love

Ben Scrivens reading “Piggie Pie!”




❝ I would ruin myself to fix you. ❞
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everything bruins fans say is irrelevant to me because of what happened with subban in the playoffs


#tbt - one of the most iconic ryan miller moments

Sekac’s dad celebrates his son’s first NHL goal. 

I volunteer on wednesdays and the canucks were supposed to come for pumpkin carving on a Wednesday but it was moved to monday

i enjoy looch much like i enjoy a piece of satire


angry lucic fuels my life

nhl players + bitching